No matter if you order through a distributor, or directly with us through this website, you can enjoy our fantastic points-based reward system

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Our Brand

Greeniche Natural Health is one of the leading suppliers of multivitamins and health supplements in Canada.

Halah, Kosher & Vege Certified Ingredients

Greeniche is approved by Health Canada and have 100% Vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and non GMO products.

Our Products

As the health-care market continues to grow, we maintain our position by providing our customers with the best selection of nutritional products

Reward System

Welcome to one of its kind reward program in the industry; we appreciate your support and are committed to make your association with Greeniche Natural Health a rewarding experience.

Click the relevant link to learn more about our reward program and start accumulating points right now!

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Rewards System

Our Partners

UPC/Distributor Codes for Pharmacies

Greeniche Natural Health is always there for your convenience. Pharmacies can directly order our products through various distributors. In order to download our products codes click the link below.

UPC/Distributor Codes for Health Stores

We at Greeniche value every retailer. We try to facilitate our retailers on every step. Health store also directly order Greeniche products though number of distributors. Download the product codes from the link below.


Become Greeniche Retailer

Greeniche Natural Health gives you the relief by taking direct online orders, you can enjoy the satisfaction through our reward system by earning loyalty points.

Professional excellence, Core Competencies, & Various Products.
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